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This person whatsapped me with my friend Priya Agarwal's name sending some of her pics and saying that she has changed her number. When i enquired he started making lame excuses. Please do not get into his trap - reported by Akhil Kumar
close - reported by Puneet kumar
This spammer watsapped me initiating conversation by telling me she is some swati jain.. when i told her i don't know her then she said she is my cousin n this is her new no.. telling me fake stuff.. when I threatened..the spammer stopped texting BEWARE - reported by
Has send a message saying want to donate. This appears to be fraud. - reported by
I am lost my mobile with mobile no. Please help me to find my mobile. - reported by C R C
It's my jio number, it's has lost today with mobile,someone has stolen, plz help me to find it - reported by Shivam
Vulgar talk also Mentaly torcher to me, I feel that I commet da suicide - reported by simarpreet
This no. Unknown for it leaves rubish message on my no. Nd torcher me - reported by simarpreet

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